Langtang Gosaikunda

Best time to visit Gosaikunda

Nepal is blessed with natural resources and also the climatic condition. Most of the parts of Nepal are feasible, and anyone could trek throughout the year. However, trekking in each season has its benefits. As per the previous travellers and experts, Spring and Autumn are considered the best seasons for trekking in Gosaikunda trek, like all other treks. Travelling to a beautiful country, Nepal is a dream for everyone. However, the best time to visit Gosaikunda is the essential things that every trekker should know about.

To list out the Best time to visit Gosaikunda Trek, this article describes the best part and peculiar characteristics of each season. You can choose according to your comfort. The trekkers trek to Langtang area from Late February to early June. This falls under spring seasons. Likewise, trekkers also travel in the months of autumn, namely between early September to Late December. Both months are considered best because, during this time, the skies remain crystal clear, and the weather is moderate. Not only this, but you can also see the alpine forests and green pastures everywhere at this time. Most importantly, the views of the Himalayan peaks are worth watching.

Best time to visit Gosaikunda

A magical country Nepal is full of natural resources. It is the wealthiest country in terms of mountains, rivers, temples, lakes, etc. There are lots of things to explore in Nepal. The world’s tallest mountain, Mt. Everest lies in Nepal. And also the other 8 out of 10 world’s tallest mountains lie here. Exploring the mountain region and seeing the giant mountain is the dream of every people all around the world. The saying Heaven is a myth, Nepal is real is true that you can have a heavenly feeling after visiting here.

Talking about the famous places to visit in Nepal, Gosaikunda Trek cannot be ignored. Gosaikunda lies to the north of Kathmandu, at an elevation of 4,380 meters. It lies in the Langtang region, and the Lake is called the headwater of the Trishuli River. The best part of this Lake is, this Lake remains frozen all around the year, mostly from October to June. Well, you can enjoy most of your trip, if you wisely choose a trek in Best time to visit Gosaikunda Trek.

Gosaikunda Trek starts from Dhunche and ends at SundariJal Kathmandu. Exploring Langtang National Park and visiting the dense forest, all filled with flora and fauna, are the significant activities to do during the trek. Additionally, you will get to view the stunning views of the giant peaks such as LangtangLirung (7,246), DorjeLakpa (6966 m), Ganesh Himal, and many more.

The frozen Lake is easy to reach from Kathmandu

Gosaikunda can be easily reachable from Kathmandu and lies in the diverse and natural-rich Langtang National Park. This trek provides you with the spectacular views of the significant giant Himalayan peaks. The name of the tour is derived from Holy Lake. During the walk, you will have to experience all the ups and downs; despite this, the trail will be super enjoyable and exciting. The difficulty level of this trip is easy to moderate that anyone with average physical fitness can easily accomplish this journey. And, the trek to this place is recommendable to all year round. However, the best time to visit Gosaikunda is from October to December and March to May.

Gosaikunda Lake has been recognized as the holy Lake of that area. Most of the people visit there during the pilgrimage festival of there, on a full moon day of July/ August.

The views of the mountains are extra-ordinary, and luckily, the trekking area would be crowd-free as compared to Everest trek and Annapurna trek. This trek has also been marked as the short trekking route in the Langtang region of Nepal.

The moderate trek, Gosaikunda, offers tea house accommodation throughout your trip.

Trip Facts

  • Total Duration:11 Days
  • Destination: Nepal
  • Trip Grade: Easy-Moderate
  • Meals: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner
  • Transportation: Private Vehicle
  • Accommodation: 3 star hotels + Tea house Lodge
  • Activities: Tour, Trekking/Sightseeing
  • Max. Altitude: 4610m/15120 ft.
  • Walking Hours: 5/7 hrs per day
  • Best Season for Gosaikunda Trek: (Spring/Autumn, Oct, Nov, Dec, Mar, Apr, May)

Gosaikunda Trek Highlights

  • Exploring the Langtang National Park.
  • The dense forest will offer you various flora and fauna.
  • Walking to the top altitude of 4315 m is exciting.
  • You can have an incredible panoramic view of the high peaks such as Langtang Lirung(7,246), Ganesh Himal (7422 m), DorjeLakpa (6966 m) and others.
  • You will get the chance to gain insights into the culture and tradition of Tamang People.
  • We will find 108 small/medium freshwater lakes. Mong them, the popular ones are BhairavKunda.
  • Lush forest of Pine, Maple, and Rhododendron will portray a unique scenic environment.
  • Bright sunrise and sunset against the skyline are marvellous.
  • Exploring more than dozens of lakes that also includes sacred lake Gosaikunda.
  • Visit Cross Laurebina Pass (4654 m)
  • You can meet Buddhist people and know about the Tibetan influenced culture.
  • Visit various monasteries such as Singh Gompa and many more.
  • Spot the rare species such as Musk deer and Red Panda.


Want to Trek around Gosaikunda Lake and did not know which are the Best seasons for Gosaikunda Lake? Well, you need not have to worry, this article will help you to find the Best time to visit Gosaikunda Trek. We have discussed the Gosaikunda trek in each season.


Autumn Season is the best time to visit Gosaikunda

Autumn seasons fall between early September to late November. As autumn seasons are considered best for trekking, we can see the clear sky. These months also offer stable weather and feasible temperatures. So that anyone could accomplish this journey with great comfort. Plus, the scenic landscapes will amaze you. Saying this does not mean the trek would be challenging in other seasons, a walk to the sacred Lake of Gosaikunda is feasible and doable throughout the year. It all depends upon your choice and comfort. Depending upon your option and what you expect from the Gosaikunda trek, you can opt for the seasons you like to trek.

In this season, the Gosaikunda trek is a moderate level and offers lots of tea house accommodation throughout your tour. Carrying advanced trekking gears, other accommodation materials, and foods is not needed. We can see lots of Hindu devotees from Nepal and India in this sacred Lake, in the full moon during August. Managing accommodations would be a little challenging task during this time.

The average high temperatures in Autumn will range between 20-28 degrees in Gosaikunda. Additionally, the average low temperatures range between 6-10 degrees. Due to its moderate weather, this season is considered as the

Langtang Gosaikunda

More Best seasons for Gosaikunda Trek

The best seasons especially favours for Langtang trekkers. The pretty clear weather, sunny environment, and sparkling sunlight would be the best to capture the stunning views of the Himalayan peak. Langtang Lirung, HimalChuli, Ganesh Himal, Alpine forests and grasslands, etc. are the mountains you can see here. Besides these, walking through the valleys, mountains, highlands, ridges, pasturelands, forests, and grasslands, etc. are other highlights of this trek during Autumn.

Gosaikunda Trek in Winter: (December- January-February)

Winter season marks the coldest season compared to all other seasons. However, the Gosaikunda trek is still possible this season. Challenge takers and enthusiastic travellers might love this season. The most significant advantages of travelling in this season are, fewer crowds make the trail clear and you can enjoy the nature near from your heart. And also, there would be multiple options for accommodation and flight/drive. So you need not have to worry about the accommodation you would be offered an off0season discount on your package. this is not the best time to visit Gosaikunda.

The average high temperatures in this season remain between 18 degrees to 22 degrees. Contrastly, the average low temperatures range from 2 degrees to 6 degrees. Late December is the indication of cold months. However, with the right gear, this trek can be done easily in the Winter season too. Bringing warm clothes and drinking lots of hot water is advisable in this season. Gosaikunda receives heavy rainfall in late December that makes weather chilled. But the views of the Himalayan peaks would be worth watching. Despite the snowfall, the Gosaikunda trek is still feasible. Gosaikunda. Sometimes, the heavy snow might block the Lauribina Pass. The lake most of the time remains frozen in the winter and continues for a few months.

Gosainkunda Trek in Monsoon: (June-July-August)

The monsoon season usually falls from Mid-June to Late August. The average high temperatures in this season range from 30 degrees to 22 degrees. While theIn Gosaikunda, the average high temperature ranges between 30 degrees 22 degrees in the Monsoon Season. Likewise, the average low temperature ranges between 17 degrees to 21 degrees. In this season, the lush green grasslands and rhododendron forests make the surrounding beautiful to watch. However, the heavy rainfall sometimes drives away from various trekkers.

Sometimes the continuous rainfall may halt the trekking, and trekkers have to wait for 2/3 days to get the clear weather. And also sometimes, the clouds and rains may hindrances the views. The trails are wet and slippery. This is not the best time to visit Gosaikunda.

August month (during the full moon day) is marked as the spiritual trekking to Gosaikunda. Many people visit this spiritual place in the “JanaiPurnima” festival. Mostly, Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage visit this sacred place. People take a bath in the ice-cold water of Gosaikunda and receive blessings from Lord Shiva. People believe that one can wash away all their wrong deeds by taking a bath in a holy pond. It would help if you behaved a weather alert during these months, so becoming aware of the rain may be your first task. Otherwise, you will encounter the wet trails, muddy, and slippery. Despite this, the whole of your trekking journey would be memorable and pleasurable. The atmosphere would be entertaining.

Day to Day Itinerary

Day 01-7: Kathmandu (Arrival & Transfer to Hotel). Full-Day sightseeing of famous places of Kathmandu (Pashupatinath, Swoyambhunath, Boudhanath&Patan city). Drive to Dunche (through Comfortable Jeep/land cruiser)

 Trek to Sing Gompa and Gosainkunda Crossing Lauribinayak Pass (4609m) and trek to Ghopte (3430m).Day 07-11: Trek to Tharepati and also to GulBhanjyang. Trekking down to Chisopani, Afterward Sundarijal (1463M), and drive back to Kathmandu.


Many Hindu devotees from Nepal and also from India visit this sacred place, during August.  Gosaikunda Trek is undoubtedly the best short trek than one can opt for. You can get a glimpse of the diverse landscapes, dynamic culture along with the nature of Nepal. 

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