Benefits of Shaping Cutters

Gear design is an important method used in the production of gears. One of the procedures for achieving gear formation is the use of cutters. These gears moulding gears are broadly divided into four types of disc, harp, shank, and helical cutters. The cutters are the gears used to make the teeth. The gear shaper works amazingly well to achieve excellent results. The cutters are willing to work according to the number of teeth in the cutter. This makes cutting more effective. Gear cutters are one of the best ways to produce your gear.

There are many types of shaping machines available in the market. There are various applications of gear shaping too. These applications are widely used and shaping cutters are necessary to achieve these applications.


  1. Suitable for mass production of gears

The shaping cutters are best for producing gears in a large quantity. This does not mean that the quality of gears is compromised. Compared to any other process, the gear forming process takes less time in making various types of gears. With this feature, the process of forming the gear will produce a large number of gears in a short time. The mass production of both medium and large-sized gears increases the sales of the manufacturer and thus increases his profit.

  1. Close tolerance to gear cutting

The shaping cutters are very accurate and precise in the measurements while cutting the gears. More the gears are precise, more is the demand of the gears. Quality is always the preferred trait that a customer sees in the gear. With close tolerance gear cutting, the gears produced have the teeth of desired teeth profile and the perfect pressure angle. The shaping cutter provides the best quality gears.

  1. Large variety of gears can be manufactured

One of the main advantages of shaping cutters is that a single shape cutter can produce a large variety of gears. Gears of different teeth number and size can be produced by the same shape cutter. This saves the manufacturer extra efforts to buy different cutters for different gears. This is done with complete accuracy and makes the shaping method superior to other methods of cutting. This minimizes your cost of buying cutters and increase the efficiency of work.

  1. Light on the pocket

The shaping cutters are not expensive and do a wonderful job at a minimal cost. Their cost of maintenance is also less than other cutters. This advantage makes shaping cutters the best cutter as many good quality gears can be made from the shaping cutters at the same time and a low cost.

With so many advantages of gear shaping cutters, many people deal with manufacturing or supplying of gear shaping cutters. The gear shaper cutters suppliers should be chosen wisely. If you are confused about the selection of gear cutter for your business, have a look at the advantages of shape cutters compiled by us. These advantages will clear all your doubts and make you love this product for your gears.


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