Become a Fashion Stylist: 5 Tips to Keep in Mind While Pursuing the Career

Become a Fashion Stylist: 5 Tips to Keep in Mind While Pursuing the Career

Have you ever noticed how your favourite celebrities, politicians, or businessmen always look sharp and presentable? It is because their wardrobe is curated by a professional fashion stylist who tries their best to make their clients look and feel their best. If you think you are someone who can dress other people up, a fashion stylist job will probably good for you.

What is a fashion stylist?

A fashion stylist is a professional who works around a person’s style and coordinates every aspect of their visual appearance and personality to make them look as presentable and fashionable as possible. 

Fashion stylists have a wide range of clients and a large number of tasks to tend to in order to. Celebrities, sportspersons, businessmen, politicians, and even common people can hire fashion stylists to take their style up a notch. Some stylists are famous among such clients because of their vast experience in serving as personal stylists. Celebrity stylists work with high-profile individuals.

What does a fashion stylist do?

Personal Fashion stylists have a wide-ranging job description. From simple tasks such as upgrading a client’s wardrobe to gargantuan tasks such as overhauling a client’s entire personality and appearance, fashion stylists can have a lot on their plate. Here are some of the tasks that fashion stylists undertake:

  • Being a part of the runway shows, brand showroom openings, and attending various fashion events to stay updated with the latest changes in lifestyle scenario.
  • Researching eras of fashion and finding new style elements to fuse with today’s fashion as well as to create period-appropriate fashion.
  • Sourcing clothes from a range of brands and manufacturers.
  • Consulting with models, hairstylists, photographers, makeup artists, costume designer, brand’s creative directors, magazine editors, film and tv directors, and other creative individuals to understand the requirement of the hour.
  • Working with public figures to create a personal style. This task may include personal shopping, instructing on the latest fashion trends and suggesting the best styles according to the client’s body shape, personality, and perceived image. 
  • Assisting clients in buying clothes from major brand outlets.

Where do fashion stylists work?

  • Here are some of the following situations where you can find a fashion stylist at work:
  • On professional photoshoots
  • On the sets of commercials
  • On the sets of music videos, T.V shows, movies, and fashion events
  • On a political campaign to maintain the client’s image
  • With a sports team to consult them on uniforms
  • Creating a personal style for an up and coming public figure

5 Tips to Succeed as a Fashion Stylist

Create strong networks: It is essential for a fashion stylist to have a strong client base and a network with designers and industry professionals. In order to do that, you will have to attend a lot of industry events and establish yourself as an up and coming fashion stylist. Stay up to date with the industry and you are already on your way to becoming a good fashion stylist.

Develop close relationships: Meet new clients and become good friends with them throughout the process of creating a style for them. One of the major source to get new customers is to create a word of mouth through your clients. If you are not styling personalities for the red carpet, most of your business will come through friends and colleagues of your existing clients.

Be Bold: In order to grow and succeed as a fashion stylist, you will have to be blatant about self-promotion. Go to parties and events and try to get your mentors to refer you to new clients. Talk about the clients you have handled and your expertise with others. Let them know what you bring to the table as a fashion stylist.

Experience is always important: You can’t simply get a diploma in fashion and expect to become a great fashion stylist. The ones who are doing great as fashion stylist seldom talk about their education and emphasise the importance of experience. It is only after you serve a few clients that can you show yourself to be an effective stylist. 
Stay relevant: This should go without saying for any field. If you want to succeed in the field of your choice, you will have to stay updated with the latest industry trends and find a way to implement them in your practice. Have confidence in your style and strong communication skills and be ready to put in hours of unappreciated work, if you want to have a thriving fashion stylist career.


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