Bata Shoes: All You Need to Know

Shoes are an inseparable part of everyday lives. There are various types of it, which are meant for different purposes and occasions. You will come across several brands when you think of buying a pair of shoes. Especially in India, the most famous brand of shoes is the Bata, which has been in business for decades. It is a massive name that deals in a wide range of variety starting from school shoes to adult formal shoes.

Many other brands came and went, but Bata is the first preference for most of the Indians. It has been successful in garnering such popularity because these shoes are available at prices that can be afforded by a middle-class person and also in costs suitable for someone wealthy.

A Brief History

It is a company which was founded in the Czech Republic. At present, its ownership is held in Canada. However, Bata is still running strong in the footwear market of India. Whenever it comes to school shoes, parents prefer Bata any given day. But you might be wondering how the Czech Republican company lands in India. Let us take you through it.

In the 1930s, imports from Japan had a monopoly over the Indian shoe market because the country’s footwear industry was not organized. It is where Bata makes its entry. It commenced its production from Kolkata, and by 1939, the unit had more than 3500 employees and opened 86 shops. Interestingly, more than 3000 pairs of shoes were being sold every week.

Did you know that in 1942 Bata produced the first India-made footwear machine? They also set up a leather shoe manufacturing unit in Bihar’s Patna, and the place is still known as Bataganj.

How Did Bata Adjust To Changing Customer Needs?

Customer needs and demands are always changing. Being in an industry, a company must understand and adjust to the customers’ evolving demands. Bata has very well equipped itself to meet the modern-day needs of the consumers. Hence, it brought a new product range that suits the style and preferences of Gen Z; however, it has still maintained its rapport with the older generation and buyers.

As part of marketing strategies to reach the millennials, Bata has inducted contemporary celebrities as brand ambassadors so that the younger lot can relate to it. 

When it comes to school shoes, Bata is always known for its comfort. This brand upped its fashion quotient with a range of shoes for men, women, and children to sustain their position. Bata persistently works to cater to the current market demands, and in this endeavour, has also stepped into the e-commerce arena. Remarkably, it is doing quite well in this online industry.


So, you see, Bata has seen and been in the Indian shoe market from the start, and it will not be wrong to say that it has a significant role to play in it. This brand had dominated the footwear market in India for several long years. We hope we have painted a clear picture of the things to know about Bata shoes.


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