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Basic Makeup Guide for Women for Daily Basis

In the women’s armory, it has not only a natural charm but also a variety of cosmetics that will help hide imperfections and make them look more beautiful. It doesn’t take long to do basic makeup every day, but it will make you more confident so you just need to know about the basic rules of makeup and you are ready for it. There is no universal secret to beauty: the choice of cream, eye shadow, mascara and other cosmetics depends on the skin, an oval face, eye color and hair type. The charm lies in the ability to emphasize individuality without covering your personality with a lot of makeup.

Every day’s Makeup Kit:

Each girl has a cosmetic bag containing her favorite and appropriate cosmetic products. Be sure to check the shelf life on time, otherwise, it can cause irritation, acne, or eyelid damage. We provide you with a list of basic makeup you need every day, if there is nothing at home, you can easily order from our Mamsi club, especially because manufacturers often offer lower prices to our customers.

Then look at your cosmetic bag:

  1. The detergent can be a product of the brand Natura Siberica: it is made from natural ingredients. In addition, this line contains the different types of spreadsheets that apply every day. tonic
  2. Choose a day cream depending on the type of skin. The oily skin owner is even needed: it allows the epidermis to be used to apply cosmetics and restore vitamin balance.
  3. The background color matches the color of the skin and its color depends on the season, so if the old tone creates a “mask”, it is worth replacing it with a new version every day.
  4. The powder prevents the foundation from swimming: for daycare for oily skin owners its use is particularly important.
  5. The shade palette is chosen according to the type of skin, hair and eyes, but it is important to allow the creation of basic makeup and use at night.
  6. Not everyone uses pencils and eye pencils: it depends on personal characteristics. If you choose, it is better to choose a more oily texture to facilitate mixing.
  7. Use a pencil or eyeshadow to straighten the eyebrows. These are eyebrows that can make the image simple and clear, so you need basic makeup every day without forgetting them.
  8. Mascara and lipstick are selected separately, but it is important to guarantee their high quality, as long-term use of bad mascara will lead to cosmetic sensitivity and irritation if using a poor quality lipstick your lips will change. It was dark and waterless. This is especially difficult for girls who wear contact lenses: a special mascara is needed, as is a mascara that does not cause allergies. You can find it in the Mamsi cosmetics catalog.
  9. The “Daily” set can be stored in a separate beauty bag and must not exceed 10-15 minutes.

Step by Step Guide for Daily Makeup:

Prepare the skin correctly

Cleansing is the foundation of all makeup. Washing alone is not enough, you need special tools to remove even the smallest particles of dirt. If this is not done, the bacteria cause irritation and inflammation – these problems cannot fix the foundation and the foundation. It is important to clean all brushes and fungi almost every day, as it is also the spread of infections and dirt.

Choose a day cream and foundation based on skin type

You can’t recommend one type of cream and call it universal for all women, but you can recommend solutions for girls based on their skin type:

  1. When dry, women will feel a little tense, so hydration is very important, it is best to choose a light texture. The powder is not recommended.
  2. After cleaning, the oil should be moistened, otherwise, the glands will become tighter. Avoid damaging the pores with alkali and use a compact foundation. After 5-6 hours, use towels and there should be no powder every day.
  3. For the combination method, a full method is required according to the above proposal. The skin on the forehead and nose is generally oily: these are the areas that require the most careful care.
  4. Usually you use at least cosmetic products. Cleaning and nutrition are mandatory but do not apply excess foundation and powder to the epidermis.

Apply foundation and powder

Apply the foundation and compress the day cream. You need to blend the boundaries well to look natural. It is important to use cosmetics for basic makeup to adjust the surface and contour slightly. Based on the shape of the face, the images show the rules for applying the foundation.

Choose the right shadows

You can try the shadows for a long time and finding “your” color is not always easy. Basic makeup is a little easier: just point to the right accent, and don’t use light shadows to make your eyes more expressive.


The correct shape of the eyebrows can complete the picture: enough to comb it and fill the holes with shadows or pencils. You can use special clear patches along with shadows to keep the brows even throughout the day.

Apply mascara

For basic makeup, just apply the mascara 1 to 2 times and apply the lashes gently to the outside and inside. When applying mascara to small eyelashes, use the tip of the brush. It is important that there are not too many cars on the brush. The choice of mascara depends on the type of eyelashes and the softness and density of the eyelashes depend on the type of brushes.

By using these rules to create basic makeup, even if you have a toddler or grandmother of two beautiful grandchildren, you can spend at least time admiring your surroundings with beautiful landscapes. Women of all ages are beautiful, wearing nice makeup and a little makeup is without a doubt!

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