Awesome Birthday Gift Ideas For Someone Celebrating in Isolation

When social distancing orders were lifted and many nonessential businesses shut down, it felt like the whole world stopped for one second. But despite all the restrictions and all the weirdness happening outside, life still goes on as the world keeps on turning. Meaning to say, this whole coronavirus thing can’t stop us from having a little fun. 

We all like celebrations! And for the record, nothing beats the joy of gathering everyone to a birthday party with festive decorations, cute cocktails, and a savoury feast. But obviously, this year’s celebration is going to be a little different. With get-togethers being called off, spring and summer babies are left celebrating in isolation. Zoom parties and FaceTime calls became the new normal styles to celebrate but there are also other ways to make their day extra special.  

Sharing a thoughtful gift that is wrapped with love is something we all need right now. Thanks to the few virtual shops that continue to operate and deliver in the midst of the quarantine period. So, if you are thinking of the most ideal gifts for friends or loved ones who are celebrating from miles away, check out our list below to find something they might appreciate.

Self-Care Gift Box

Spending an abundant free time at home is an opportunity to do a little self-care quarantine. For friends and loved ones who’ve been busy for the past years, send them a self-care gift box full of essentials and mood boosters that they can use in their quality time at home. A perfect self-care box may contain shower gels, bath bombs, lip balms, body butters, moisturising creams, and other essentials they might love. Top these essentials with a birthday note that will make them smile even more.  

Succulent Planter

Quarantine succs! But for a friend who’s obsessed with plants, a succulent planter is definitely a game-changer.   

Work Lamp

Many of us are now converting to a remote-work setup, following the stay-at-home policies of the government and health organisations. A work lamp would be an amazing gift to someone who works during the night. But, you have to be very careful when ordering appliances or even furniture online. 

Read to learn a few online furniture shopping tips. 

Personal Blender

Your friends must be spending a lot of their time working out and meditating to stay fit and healthy while bunkering at home. To support them with their fitness goals, send your friends a personal blender that will keep them hydrated during their work-out sesh.    

Cutie Face Mask

Stylish face masks are a trend these days. If your loved ones are having a hard time finding face masks from their local stores, send them a fashionable face mask that they can use when going out for grocery shopping or travelling on a plane when things get back to normal.  

Screen-Free Board Game

A classic board game will keep your loved ones entertained while they practice social distancing. Check out a wide selection of board games from different stores online.

Ring-Light Kit

If you see your friends are finally giving in to the Tik Tok craze, a selfie ring light would be a perfect present they will surely love. Your friends can also use this when applying makeup or doing a skin-care routine.

Classic Birthday Cake

What is a birthday without a cake? We all know that the way to a celebrant’s heart is through cakes. Send your friends some home-baked goodies to greet them from afar. If you can’t bake, you can always order from their favourite local bakeshop and have it delivered to their doors.

Author Bio: Sarah Contreras is a full-time writer, who likes turning ideas into useful words. Aside from writing sonnets at 6 am, she also blogs for The Home of Gifts, an exclusive outlet store for home and gift collections in the UK. When she’s not writing, she spends her precious little time thinking of what to write next.


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