All You Need to Know about Printing Photos on Canvas

Selecting a gift for your loved ones can be a big confusion, especially when you want to take a more personalized approach for your presents. For must of us, we prefer gifting ‘moments’, squared in a frame or engraved to different accessories.

Similar to the trend of giving getting pictures engraved over different accessories, gifting canvas photo prints have been very trendy nowadays as it is affordable and easy to access. Further, its attractive nature makes it a unique and creative way ro cherish your memories on a printed photo over a canvas.

No, it does not require you to put any form of manual labor rather, everything is done using technology. A canvas print is very different from a canvas painting where an artist dedicates hours, weeks and sometimes months to come up with their creation. Due to a similar name, most people tend to confuse between collage canvas prints and canvas drawings.

So, what exactly is a canvas print?

Well, the answer is simple; A canvas print consists of an image printed onto the canvas from an inkjet printer. These can be used for various purposes such as decorating dwellings, restaurants, offices, and gifting your loved ones.

What Goes Behind in Making a Canvas?

A canvas consists of a durable and robust fabric made with hemp (now replaced with linen and cotton). In this process, a photo is printed over a fabric with the help of an inkjet printer, stretching the canvas onto the desired frame. Interestingly, you can also choose an unframed canvas print as a gifting option. It is done using the gallery-wrapping technique, which includes wrapping the canvas around the stretcher bars.

Benefits of canvas printing over paper printing:

  • Canvas consists of textured surfaces, which aids in making the picture look more vivid.
  • It is possible to get college canvas prints, which helps blend all the memories in a single frame.
  • Some canvas can also resemble original painting, considering the properties of the image.
  • Canvas is way more long-lasting if compared to any other type of photo paper.
  • Photo paper tends to fade away with time, whereas canvas posters do not fade away as they are not susceptible to moisture.

Difference Between Canvas Prints and Framed Prints

A majority of people tend to confuse between canvas prints and frame prints. The frame prints are used to match the room’s paint scheme and work as a general decor. When it comes to canvas prints, the printed image is permanent. Incase of framed prints, the photos can be swapped. Pictures do not have glare when you print photo on canvas, but they can have a reflection in framed shots. Canvas is very lightweight, but framed prints can be heavy and a bit difficult to move around. Canvas is very affordable, whereas more oversized framed prints are way more expensive.

Tips for maintaining the canvas prints

  • To keep your canvas as impressive as they are on the first day, you must not expose it to direct sunlight as it can cause damage the print. However, if it spends a little time under sunlight, then it will not affect the canvas. Just make sure there’s no constant flow of the sun.
  • The majority of the canvases are water-resistant, but it is recommended that you do not clean them with water and use a dry microfibre cloth to remove the dust. However, if water gets poured by mistake, then dry it instantly with a dry cloth.
  • Whenever you are cleaning the canvas, try to be as gentle as possible as it can causes dents and damage to the frame.

Types of Canvas Print Layouts

There are various canvas types, and one can select based on size, design, and layout. There are two significant types of canvas print layouts :

  • Single panel – It can be a good option if you have less space available for a canvas.
  • Multi-panel – If you have a fair amount of space in hand, you can consider getting a multi-panel layout. You can also consider dividing a big canvas into small canvases and organize them accordingly.

Trendy designs for canvas prints

  • Family picture: A family portrait can be a great option as it will help you cherish the good old days. A perfect family picture can be a common subject for such canvas prints.
  • Quotes: Adding inspirational quotes to motivate yourself can be another good idea for canvas prints. It will also help in enhancing the ambiance of the room.
  • Unique shapes: Unique shapes and bold colors can make a perfect combination for adding a modern touch to your room.
  • Abstract: If you plan to get a canvas print for your living room, abstract designs will indeed offer a modern look.
  • Landscapes: Landscapes are one of the most traditional and popular themes when it comes to canvas prints. Just make sure to click a high-quality photo before printing it, as it will offer a more realistic look to the canvas.
  • Pets: If you own a pet, then adding a canvas of your pet can be one of the best ideas to decorate your room as it will not only feature your furry friend but also make the room very photogenic.

Where to Get Canvas Photo Prints?

As you are delighted with the idea of getting canvas photo prints for your home now, you might be wondering how to get them. Well, it is effortless to get photos printed on canvas nowadays, thanks to the online shopping sites that offer canvas photo printing at an affordable price point. You simply have to select the layout and send them your high-quality pictures, and the rest of the work will be handled by them. You can get your canvas within a week, depending upon the delivery services offered by the brand.

However, if you are not comfortable with the idea of online shopping, then you can consider getting your canvas photo print from an offline store. Various printing stores offer these services at a reasonable price point. You can also get it done from a photo studio.

Now, when you are familiar with almost everything about canvas photo print, it is high time that you get yours soon to enhance the overall ambiance and look of your room. Just make sure to get the right layout and use a high-quality photograph for a better finish.

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