All about Funeral Memorial Service

Honoring the deceased person and remembering them is one of the few things that family and friends of the dead person do. And for this, there are services like memorial service. The funeral memorial service is the ceremony which is organized in the memory of the person who has passed away. This service can be organized at any time after the death of your loved one. 

Where to hold the Memorial Service?

You can organize memorial service on any location be it the deceased person favorite park, family home, beach. It can be even held in any religious place, banquet hall, or any other event space where large gatherings can be accommodated.

Features of Memorial Service

There is no format for the activities that you need to conduct in the funeral memorial service. Friends and families can take part in the activities held in the funeral services. These activities can be delivering prayers or reading, playing musical instruments, singing songs or sharing sweet memories of the person who has passed away. During the ceremony, people may deliver eulogies, or say prayers too.

When to Hold the Memorial Service?

You can organize the funeral, memorial services at any time that is convenient for you and your family. Most people held this service in the week following the death of your loved one or you can hold them on the first death anniversary.

What Is Funeral Stationery?

While planning the tribute to your dear ones, you will need certain stationery for this memorial service. These funeral stationeries involve funeral programs, memorial service cards, register books, acknowledgement cards.

Memorial cards are the keepsake of the memory of the person who has passed. This card consists of the necessary information of the deceased person like name, birth date, death date, their photograph and their favorite poem or quotes. One can buy catholic funeral prayer cards from online stores, or they can create it on their own.

What Is Memorial Service Etiquette?

In the memorial service, you are attending the service for consoling the family of the person who passed away. That is why you must be courteous, generous and respectful towards others. You should know that in this tough situation, you can support them by just simply presenting as a friend or hugging them or by saying kind words to make them comfortable.

What Should One Wear in The Memorial Service?

Black is the color of mourning, and that is why, while attending the funeral memorial service, you should wear black clothing. The appropriate clothing for the men is to wear a suit with pants, button-down shirt, tie and a belt along with dress shoes. Women should wear a pantsuit, skirt suit, or they can wear a skirt of appropriate length along with a blouse or tops with sleeves and flats.  

When Should You Arrive at The Memorial Service?

It will be best if you arrive at the funeral service on or before time and stay for the entire service. You can arrive early at the event so that you can get enough time to socialize and have personal time with other attendees and mourners. If you are participating in other activities of the service, then you have to arrive at least 30 minutes early before starting the service.

Why Sign the Guestbook at Memorial Service?

Guestbooks are the registers which are kept to record the name of the person who has attended the service. In the funeral service, the family of the deceased will be overwhelmed with emotions so they will not be able to remember who attended the event or who did not. That’s when the guestbook comes into action, and every attendee should sign this book. This guestbook will give the family record of the person who attended the memorial service.

Planning the funeral service is one of your personal decisions, and once you made this decision, you need to be very strong so that you can organize it. One can organize this service on their own, or they can take help from various funeral service companies to plan it for you. Plan a beautiful funeral memorial service for your loved one and let them know that you still love them even after they are dead.


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