Once you’ve done your job of on-page optimization, you’ve to search for what is going to come next.

The work of an SEO was more like a never-ending loop.

It is not just about our audit tool of choice, once we’ve done this, there is still a lot of areas to work on. Not all SEO lands in the first place for every searched keyword, although all of them want to ranks at the top. But it doesn’t mean that we stop making efforts towards it.



A journey of almost every SEO starts with getting their hands on On-Page Optimization.

Your code plays a critical role in ranking, a bad code prevents a site from ranking better.

It is preferred to work on fixing the code of a site at the beginning of an SEO project. As an SEO works toward the code it gave him a better idea on what to do in other optimization processes



Content is not the king it is the kingdom. Content is the most crucial factor in SEO. The type of content you’re posting is mostly responsible for the ranking of your website. Industry expert’s top-quality long-form content can be highly effective in getting good search results.

Also, you should focus on that whatever the content you’re posting it will not be outdated in the coming years. For ex:- If search would be like current affairs of 2020 it is clear that this is going to be outdated in the coming years. But rather if you pick topics like health, wealth, love, and happiness these are evergreen topics and help you to grow continuously organic traffic in the coming years.




Connections, Connections, and Connections

Compare the coming traffic of your site with a web of a spider it is growing to all side starting from the center, or pointing to the center. So you must have the quality of links to pointing out to your site.

Go search it out where you can get the quality of links it may be where you’ve got the max potential customer reach, or maybe where it has a large traffic of genuine customers.

But do remember this thumb rule that you don’t need hundreds of connections some local blogs or where there is the small or not relevant reach of your potential customer, rather you only need a few good connections which can increase the links to point out your site.



An SEO needs discipline, consistency, and ability to continue putting efforts. As in SEO its never like once it has done it’s over

If the search engine changes the rules then SEO has to adjust accordingly to it.

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