College Friends

A Very Special Get Together with Old College Friends

We all miss our college days, those college friends, those college parties, and fun. After passing graduation we all are getting busy in our own life. Some are connected with mobile conversations and some are not. So a college friend’s reunion party not only gives us fun and enjoyment but also reminds us of our college days.

If you think to arrange a get together party with your old friends then this article is for you, because in this article we will discuss some tips that you follow to arrange your party;

Prepare your guest list:

Before organizing the party, prepare your guest list or whom to invite, your best friends, close friends, tuition friends, or just friends. Take a pen and paper and list out the names.

Contact them:

There are so many friends that you have not any connection with them but they are special to you. Maybe their number has changed so that you can’t contact them. At this point, only social media will help you. You can search their name on Facebook or Instagram and find them.

Send invitations:

Sending hand invites is not possible because all are busy. So send them a digital invitation through mail, messenger or whatsapp. The invitation card should contain the party date, time with some regards and select a major time and date when everyone should be available.

Create a social media event:

Social media cum facebook is the biggest way to track down our long lost friends. More than 99% of new generation people are connected with facebook. And it also helps us to remember any event such as a birthday. So you can make a social media event and ask your friends to join.

Make a budget:

 Organizing a reunion party takes a few costs. If you think to arrange a reunion party than pool party is the best for you. Everyone should enjoy the party. Foods, gifts, decorations take such costs so at first make your budget as per your financial condition.

Make some delicious foods:

Food is the main magnetism of any party. So must be sure about your serving foods are the best. You can make delicious foods at home or you can order from any nearest restaurant. It is better to book a caterer because sure you don’t want to run everywhere. You can order some fast foods such as sandwiches, pizzas, pastas etc. you can also arrange a barbeque, hot dogs to give the party more attraction.

Arrange drinks:

Arrange some soft drinks or alcohol. When you give your party a bar looks you can enjoy bar at home. So keep some welcome drinks as well as mocktails and cocktails.

Decorate the place:

Decorate your party venue whether it is your home or any other place. You can décor with balloons, streamers, old pictures and foods and drinks.

Play some music:

Without music no one can enjoy any party. So select your favorite songs which you will play on party day and dance like a diva. With some drinks and music you can get a bar party without going to a bar.

Refresh your memories:

To refresh your old memories you make a PowerPoint slideshow of your groups before and after the picture, your college day’s pictures.

Play some games:

You can play some attractive games which remember your college days. There are so many fun games for big groups such as air balloons, bigger and better, candy introduction, dice games and so on.


Be a perfect host and after the party, give some gifts to your friends so they will remember the day. And don’t forget to click a picture with everyone in a frame.


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