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A Special Goa Summer Holidays With Mahabodhi Temple

India’s geographic uniqueness is the world’s biggest attraction. Although the temperature can be incredibly hot in some areas of the world in summer, other weather can be a nature lover’s paradise. Goa is one of those locations that travel enthusiasts do not skip during their summer trip across the world.

Also, for people coming from surrounding cities, this is a great weekend option. To conquer the sun, on different online sites like, you can book a special summer tour for Goa. For extended weekends, several special Goa summer holidays provide tourist spots on the trip if you intend to spend your vacation.

The city is so friendly and attracts tourists around the world. The best way to beat the summer heat is to practice the various water sports that the State offers. There are some reasons why most of the tourist loves to visit Goa Every Summer:

Tourist Loves to Visit Goa

Prices are very affordable:

In summer, the hotels and resorts in Goa are decreasing costs, but the facilities are as nice as they are at other times. Moreover, flights to Goa are less costly. If you are planning an mahabodhi temple and wanted a luxury holiday on a budget, this summer, go to Goa because in summer they offer many special holiday discounts

Beautiful Temples:

If you are planning to tour India then these beautiful temples in Goa are an addition to your list of visiting interesting places in the city. Temples like (Mahadeva Temple, Tambdi Surla, Maruti temple) are built alongside the beauty of nature with attracts tourists to visit

Can Easily Bargaining On Shops

The sellers cut the prices of the items to allow selling with almost non-existent crowds. shopping addict fills their bags with specialty and souvenirs without leaving much of a space in their wallets. moreover, every summer alcohol is also inexpensive as most of the tourists are from different countries and they prefer to have alcoholic drinks (More reason to rejoice before the sun sets).

Different cultural Festivals

In Goa, there are festivals and parties for the whole year, but in the summer months (March-May) is very exciting. the best festivals are Shigmo (March) which shows the goa life in its folk spectacles, songs, dance, and parades, the Ostara festival (March or April) and Grape Escapade (April), the festival of wine, Goa Food and Music (April) and the Festival of Goa Heritage (May) these are the traditional festivals which happens every summer.

Join Yoga Sessions

On the Soft Sands of Goa, there are many yoga retreats and special courses. Arambol Beach and Mandrem Beaches in North Goa are the best locations for studying at Patnem Beach in South Goa. if you want to practice there. Many wellness centers are also available in Goa. It promises all manner of relaxation and organic food, mostly to keep you hollow and robust. SWAN Yoga Retreat, Banyan Tree Yoga, Vedic Valley, are only a few nice choices. Every summer you will find a splendid holiday in Goa!

Trek to Cool Waterfalls And Areas In Wildlife

Goa has diverse and varied wildlife and trees. Four of the most popular sites are Bhagwan Mahavir Shrine, the Mollen National Park, the Mhadei Wildlife Shrine, and the Cotigao Shrine these places are must visit in a tour to India.

Goa is always in a thrilling place. A tropical paradise that blends night and day into a journey of rest and revival, much like a party invited to everyone. But Goa still tries to wander from the restless people to unique cafes to sit with you or a loved one for a moment. It means the stealing of moments and the freedom from the talk of those around you. Goa is peace as well as chaos in long.


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