9 mistakes that almost everyone makes when vacuuming.

Everyone can vacuum, do you think? After all, this is not a particularly complicated activity. And yet there are some mistakes that keep happening to us when vacuuming. My House keeping asked a household expert how to do it correctly.

For many, vacuuming is part of the weekly cleaning routine. It is often the first and in some cases the only cleaning action, as it is easier than wiping the dust. But what many do not know: it is only after the wiping that the vacuum comes up. Otherwise you would contaminate the clean floor with dust again. But unfortunately that is not the only mistake that many make. Here you can find out what you should avoid when vacuuming.

1st mistake: Get started right away

If you start vacuuming right away, you have already made the first mistake. It is better to prepare the room first. “If you put the chairs on the table, you have a lot more space to vacuum. Even small parts such as toys should be cleared away beforehand, then it will be easier.

2nd Error: Vacuum with a full bag

Before going to work, you should check what are the contents of the vacuum cleaner bag. When the bag is full, it should be replaced. “Check beforehand whether the device is in order and whether there is still space in the bag. “In addition, the bag should be suitable for the device.” If you discover during the suction process that the bag either does not fit or is full, you unfortunately have to start all over again.

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“Also pay attention to the display on the vacuum cleaner if there is one. If the bag is too full, the suction power drops noticeably. The filter should also be replaced or cleaned at regular intervals, depending on the vacuum cleaner model. In proper condition, this filters the air that comes out at the back, for example of pollen.

3rd error: Vacuum carpet fringes

“Carpet fringes should not be vacuumed because they get caught in the attachment and the brushes,” recommends Weber. It is therefore better to brush them dry so that they are not damaged.


4th Error: Mistake: Finally vacuum under the cupboards

Many start vacuuming in the middle of the room. But that’s not correct, explains Vacuum experts. “First of all, you should vacuum under the furniture,” the expert knows. Then the free areas come on.

5th Mistake: push instead of pull

Not only the order, but also the right direction is important when vacuuming. Otherwise you push the dirt in front of you. The dust is best sucked in when pulling. “As a rule, you suck in strips from the back to the front to the door,” explains Weber. An alternative is “island suction”, in which individual areas of the room are sucked in a star shape. According to Weber, this method is suitable for rooms with a lot of furniture.

6th Mistake: The wrong Way

Most suction cups have suction attachments with different areas of application. The fold-out brushes are particularly suitable for smooth surfaces such as wooden floors or tiles, while they are unusable on carpets. Then you should fold in the brush ring. After vacuuming, also clean the brushes of dust and hair that get caught there. “There are usually also special nozzles for joints or upholstery. So you can get into the tightest corners.

7th Error: Incorrect height setting

Many tubes can be adjusted in length to your own height so that you don’t have to bend down. This not only protects your back, but can also vacuum a larger area.

8th Fault: Vacuum wet floor

This error can happen especially in the bathroom. “You shouldn’t suck in wet things, otherwise the vacuum cleaner can start to stink. You should only wipe with a damp cloth after vacuuming.

9th Error: Do not change the filter regularly

Not only the dust bag, but also the filter should be changed regularly. The so-called motor filter is located between the bag and the motor in the housing. As a rule, it consists of a non-woven fabric and a grid made of plastic. Here too, dirt accumulates over time, which clogs the filter. Then the device no longer sucks in the dust properly. In the operating instructions of the vacuum cleaner you will find out how often you should change the filter. It is usually necessary to replace the used filter with a new one twice a year, depending on the usage.

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