8 Travel Essentials To-Do List

There is always a time when you want to travel. Each person decides the time of preparation because there are different ideas, expectations, and desires for the trip. It takes one person a year to learn several languages ​​perfectly, to take self-defense and first aid courses (I met such travelers and admired them), and to solve all the problems.

And someone needs to get together in three weeks (“such friends are sitting right in front of you”). However, regardless of the duration of the training, it still needs to be done.

Set goals for your trip

There must be a goal in every job. Because you will strive consciously and subconsciously for a clear purpose. And this leads to greater consequences and success than nonsense. I love design access when I do something.

Imagine that traveling at this stage of your life is a great personal project. What do you want to achieve in this process and after this project? Learn new languages. Find friends in all countries on this planet. Take a photo with one of the most famous places in each country. Can you find new ways to make money? Think clearly and clearly about your goals.

Road Map

Of course, there are only countries you have dreamed of, and visiting them is the basis of your trip (1). Now look at your goals and choose the countries that will help you achieve them (2). Be sure to read the crime rate in the country and learn how safe it is to travel to a particular country and how you can protect yourself as much as possible

(3). Then, consider the visas and decide whether you are ready to spend all the necessary visas immediately, or send a visa to the next country when traveling, or choose countries without a visa (4). After these four steps, you have the last list of countries to go to.

Financial planning

Now that you have a route and know the travel date, it’s time to prepare a more detailed financial plan. We have a separate spreadsheet in Excel with detailed turnover and cost areas. Of course, such planning will help you see how things are going, no matter how much income you have and what expenses you plan to pay.

Financial planning is also useful because you need to find the approximate prices in the countries you are visiting. What is the price for renting a house? How much does it cost to fly from one city to another? This is very important in the planning phase. This will help you to get rid of some of the fears of the trip because it will give you a sense of balance when needed.

Buy tickets

Since there are many nuances to pay attention to. Buying tickets is one of the most important steps in your journey. In this case, you can safely remove a bottle of something tasty to celebrate such an event.

Visa application

If you need a visa to visit some countries, you need to do so in advance, as it may take a long time to obtain a multiple-entry visa.

Search for an apartment

Find your first city accommodation during your trip after purchasing your tickets. Choosing a house depends on your financial skills. We consider the cheapest options, so we usually choose Airbnb or Sleep Travel. You can find out more about finding apartments abroad in the private sector.

Pharmacy Visit

If you are planning to travel to more or less civilized countries, there are definitely pharmacies. But! If you need special medications, vitamins, or compression wraps, it is better to buy them in advance. It was like dealing with this situation.

Being able to buy from any pharmacy in the United States, for example in you can buy within three minutes. But in various other countries, it requires a very long search, proving that such products are not sold without a prescription. I can say with certainty that prescription antibiotics cannot be taken in any country in the world.

Collection of All Items

The last of the best stages of preparation for the trip. If I were packing for a day, I would buy six times fewer clothes. You need to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. With a medium backpack, you can achieve great mobility. So just get what you really need. It is better to buy just over 15 “just in case” than to act.

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