7 best Digital Pianos You need to know before buying.

Do you want to enjoy playing a good digital piano? In this post we present the ranking of the 7 best digital pianos. Learn about the characteristics of each of the products, their value for money and consider your level of practice.

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Best digital pianos on the market

Yamaha NP-12 Piaggero:

Yamaha NP12 is a natural piano-type keyboard with 61 touch-sensitive keys and high-quality voices. Delivers rich, splendid sound recorded from one of Yamaha’s finest digital pianos at an affordable price. It is very easy to install and can be battery operated.

This model attracts for its compact and elegant profile. It is perfect to take up little space or transport it where you want to play. Plus, you can connect it to your iOS device and take advantage of the record button to listen to your original performances over and over again.

Casio CT-S200BK:

It is a digital piano with good features at an affordable price. It has 61 standard keys that produce good sound: 400 tones and 77 accompaniment rhythms. It is the perfect model of Casio digital piano for those who want to start playing this instrument.

Its biggest draws are the “dance music mode”, which allows you to play percussion, bass and synthesizer parts to create dance music effortlessly and its 12 dance music voices, which add great creativity. In addition, due to its lightweight design, it is practical to move anywhere.

Roland FP10:

This piano features a standard 88-key PHA-4 keyboard that conveys truly authentic feel. It offers the evocative supernatural piano sounds of Roland, which you can enjoy on the built-in speakers or through headphones.

Its powerful built-in functions – at an attractive price point – make this digital piano one of the favorite models of beginners or those with intermediate levels. In addition, thanks to its portable and compact design, it is ideal for playing at home.

YamahaP45 Digital Piano:

Yamaha P45 is the most popular digital piano for its excellent value for money. It has a standard graduated hammer keyboard that offers a different touch and sensitivity depending on the register that is played: in low parts, a feeling of greater weight and in the highs, lighter.

This model recreates the real reverb of a grand piano thanks to its AWM technology. It is very easy to operate: configuration settings can be made from a single button. Its compact and lightweight design requires little space. In addition, it is comfortable to transport to play in any place and occasion. Here is P115 Review you might be interested in.

Casio CDP S100:

In portable pianos, this is the best value for money. It has a classic sound with some electric tones. It comes with 10 onboard high-quality sounds and a scale II hammer action keyboard, which simulates the weight of grand piano hammers.

The body of this model of digital piano is slim and with very little depth. It is designed to be carried and played anywhere, even outdoors. It works both with electric power and with batteries. It is ideal for all levels of interpreter.

Roland FP 30:

This digital piano offers sounds and sensations similar to those of an acoustic piano. It has a keyboard with 88 keys and a polyphony of 128 voices. It comes with a sustain pedal and supports triple foot switches. It stands out for its touch thanks to its 5 intensity Roland technology.

Plus, it has 11W speakers, built-in USB-MIDI, sounds beyond piano, built-in features for practice, recording, and more. Its body is light and portable, making it easily transportable and adaptable to any space. These Roland digital keyboards are priced competitively considering their sound quality and key weighted.

Kawai ES110:

This electric piano combines a high-end keyboard mechanism with the latest sound technologies. It has 88 weighted keys, perfect for beginners and more experienced musicians, and a very powerful 192-voice polyphony. In addition, it brings 19 high-quality piano sounds.

On the other hand, it has the functions of lesson, dual and split and more than 100 percussion rhythms, line out connectors for sound reinforcement and integrated Bluetooth with standard MIDI ports. Its body is compact, light and easy to transport without losing elegance or technological features. It is an affordable instrument.

Tips before buying a digital piano:

You already know the ranking of the 7 best digital pianos. Now, which one should you buy? Don’t worry, here are also our tips to help you choose the perfect instrument for you.

Types of Piano:

If you are a beginner, we recommend buying a basic digital piano. As we saw, some models come with tools and functions that can help you learn easily. But if you already have a certain level of experience, better lean towards one with a keyboard of certain sensitivity to perceive the nuances of the execution.

Number of keys:

In order not to be limited, our advice is that you buy an 88-key digital piano. If you want a more basic piano though, choose one with 76 or fewer keys. Also keep in mind that some models incorporate polyphony options. Look for an instrument with at least 64 polyphony (although there are 128 and 256 if you need to).

Keyboard Sensitivity:

If you don’t have budget problems, don’t hesitate, go for real weight pianos with hammer. They are the best. Although if the model you choose mentions “sensitive keys”, consider it a plus.

Space and Portability:

At this point it is important that you take into account several issues. From the space available to place the instrument to the person who will use it (it does not matter if it is a child or an adult, since the height will be different), you will even have to decide if you want it to be easily transportable or if you are going to have it fixed. at a site.

Here we close the ranking of the 7 best digital pianos: famous brands in high-level sound with an unbeatable quality-price ratio. If you have already chosen your instrument, don’t forget to leave a comment. If you have not made up your mind yet and have questions, don’t forget to contact us, we will advise you to buy the digital piano that best suits you.


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