6 Reasons You Should Have a Bonsai at Home

For centuries, bonsai trees served as icons of zen, beauty, nature, and art. Their miniature height and well-shaped canopies make them a favorite garden decor for green thumbs and beginner plant parents. The art of planting them into decorative planters also makes them a unique and therapeutic art form for artists and hobbyists worldwide.

Besides their uniqueness, beauty, and historical roots, bonsai also serve as health and wellness agents. Read these five reasons you should have at least one bonsai in your home.

They Help Relieve Stress

The size of bonsai plants makes them compact for surfaces such as dressers, work desks, and countertops. Their unique shapes also make them fun to look at and suitable for relieving stress or visual therapy. No matter how small they are, bonsai plants are “great friends” that may help relieve stress and anxiety and keep you happy.

They May Teach Patience

Bonsai making and maintenance is an art. Since taking care of them takes a lot of effort, your bonsai plants may teach you patience. They may be smaller than most decorative trees like those adorning the streets near many house-and-lot developments in Metro Manila or the thick carpet of trees in Pampanga. Still, bonsai trees require extra love, care, and attention to thrive. Learning to keep your bonsai alive for a very long time may require you to be patient and careful about handling your miniature plants.

They Can Endure Almost Any Climate

Another reason you want to be patient in taking care of your bonsai is that they may endure almost any climate, but you’ll need extra love and care to make sure they don’t wilt, dry up, or freeze. Since bonsai are indoor plants, they can thrive inside your home as long as you give them ample sunlight during the day and bring them in during colder seasons. Doing so will keep your bonsai healthy and allow them to live long no matter the climate you are in.

They Help Purify the Air

Most bonsai trees also help in cleansing the air. They act as a natural air cleaner that may help relieve your allergies, sore throats, coughs, stress, and skin dryness. Having a bonsai at home may boost your protection against harmful allergens and viruses such as the coronavirus. You may place your bonsai tree close to your air humidifier to double the cleansing efficacy for your air.

They Unlock Hidden Creativity

Working on your own bonsai tree may unleash the inner artist in you. Growing, tending, and shaping your bonsai will take lots of your time, patience, and possibly your finances. Over time, you’ll develop new skills and habits to keep your bonsai trees happy, healthy, and beautiful.

They Represent Human Growth

Your bonsai trees may seem like common indoor plants that are aesthetically pleasing and beneficial to your wellness. They also represent your growth as an individual. There are times when you might break or bruise your miniature tree while pruning and shaping. The best part is that bonsai grow more beautifully despite their “wounds” and unsightly spots. Like in real life, you grow stronger and wiser because you learn from your faults and accept your flaws. Likewise, your bonsai trees’ imperfections also make them one-of-a-kind and attractive.

At first, you may think that your bonsai trees only serve as decor for your modern home. But after knowing about these five benefits of having bonsai in your home, you’ll understand that these miniature greeneries are excellent channels of balance, calmness, and relaxation.

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