even people who opt to have a wedding in their own house backyard because

6 necessary things for choosing Banquet halls in the City of Joy

Few things are just irreplaceable when it is a wedding decision. The most important things about a wedding in the city of joy is to find the right Banquet Hall.  A desirable banquet hall in Kolkata is somewhat close enough to finding a living unicorn in the twentieth century. 

Almost impossible, because of the clashing dates and multiple competitive prices in the day. But nothing is impossible with a few tricks in mind. Here are a few ventures that help in finding the right banquet hall in Kolkata. 

  1. Capacity of the banquet hall in Kolkata

A wedding is incomplete without music,dances and the celebratory mood. So ample space is required for the fun. You can always choose wedding halls for different types of gathering to accommodate your guests.

 There are also banquet halls  which can accomodate more than 600 guests.so regardless of any gathering a suitable banquet hall can be arranged.

  1. Location of the banquet hall in Kolkata

When you organise a wedding, you should always think about the guests attending the event. Always make sure that the location of the banquet hall is easily reachable to anyone.

You should also choose a banquet hall that speaks for itself. A naturally beautiful venue is undoubtedly more effective.

  1. Number of floors in the banquet halls

One of the most important things while choosing a banquet hall in Kolkata is to choose a place with suitable flooring and a place to settle your entire guest list. Banquet hall has to have at least two floors, with a suitable terrace or a great lawn. 

Floor space maximizes the guest capacity of a banquet hall, and encourages Weddings at Kolkata. The banquet hall in Kolkata signify a major part of the Bengali wedding industry m 

  1. Decoration facility in marriage hall in Kolkata

A marriage party requires a good decoration and therefore you need a decorator for the occasion. A decorator has all the necessary knowledge and skills to turn your wedding into a grand one. You can also tell your decorator about your theme and they will do exactly the way you want. 

  1. Adjoined Catering facility

Many banquet halls offer adjoined catering. In this way your guests will be served hot and fresh food.

It is also pocket friendly as it chops down a lot of expenses so that your event can run in the most smooth way possible with your set budget.

  1. Costing of the Banquet halls

This is the first thing that comes while deciding the venue of any event. Set a fixed amount and try to book the best banquet hall in the set budget.

In peak season you might not get the bookings. Therefore book the banquet hall well in advance. 

Being unscrupulous while finding a banquet hall might be the case, but choosing the right one is really very important. Banquet halls in Kolkata bring about the best in the wedding world, but are one of the most important things to find about. 

There are even people who opt to have a wedding in their own house backyard because they couldn’t find the right Banquet hall. Finding a banquet hall in Kolkata might be tricky but not impossible!


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