6 Must-Have Gadgets in 2021

The way latest gadgets and products are simplifying and expediting daily tasks in our lives is simply amazing. From glossy laptops that do not cut back on power, to totally wireless earbuds with incredible battery life as well as great sound, and smart accessories for the latest Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 gaming consoles, here are some must-have gadgetsfor anyone who is a fan of new innovative ideas!

Sony FX3 Full Frame Cinema Line Camera

Sony’s FX3 is the cheapest and smallest cinema camera ever built by Sony. It is specially designed for filmmakers, rather than photographers, as it is capable to handle ultra HD video recordings at 120fps for long periods.Once you purchase this brilliant gadget, you will also find included in your package a shooting handle — perfectfor video making from low angles. Plus, the cinematic 4K resolution gadget also hasin-body image stabilizationsuitable forrunning and gunning.

The camera is also an ideal match with Sony’s newly launched Airpeak drone. Although 715g is a little bulky to fit in your pocket, FX3 is small and light enough to take anywhere you go.

RHA TrueControl ANC Earphones

Developed in Glasgow, RHA’s active noise-canceling wireless earbuds deliver detailed and crisp sound while its dual microphones record the outside world and develop anti-noise to eliminate it out with the finest attenuation. We won’t be surprised if the first words you utter after using these earphones are “the sound quality is fantastic”!

Apple HomePod mini Smart Speaker

Apple’s palm-sized HomePod mini smart speaker does not only deliver room-filling sound but also brings at your disposal a convenient HomeKit hub. This must-have gadget lets you control several smart home products directly from your Apple device orthrough Siri voice commands. You can choose from 2 colors — space gray and white.

Talking about audio performance, the smart speaker sounds great, given how compact it is. Plus, you can either use dual or multiple units for your whole-house setup. If you like the original stereo, we would recommend you go with only two speakers.

Steamery — Cirrus No. 2 Travel Steamer

Ironing boards are too old school. Nowadays people need quick and portable solutions for everything. If you are looking for a gadget to remove unwanted wrinkles from your clothes anytime and anywhere, save some money and invest in Cirrus No.2 lightweight portable travel steamer. It not only removes creases from clothes but also eliminates all kinds of odors. Also, you don’t have to pop to the sink after every 20 seconds to refill the tank as this steamer comes with a capacity large enough to run for 6 mins at a time. You will also get a detachable brush for stainless-steel plates or delicate fabrics like wool and silk.

Petcube Bites 2 Wi-Fi Smart Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser

The sleek Petcube Bites 2 smart camera gives you Wi-Fi connectivity, which lets you keep tabs on your pets through a smartphone app. You can stream or capture full HD videos using its wide-angle lens. As a cherry on top, the gadget also includes dispense treats — you can use the feature directly from your smartphone when on thego.

Other appealing features of this incredible gadgetincludecompatibility with Amazon Alexa voice,two-way audio connectivity, and the ability to send motion and sound alerts.

Helly Hansen Odin Minimalist Infinity jacket

Unlike traditional waterproof coats that are sprayed with a chemical that only lasts for a short time period, Helly Hansen Odin Jacket uses unique material with various pores to stop rainwater from coming, vaporizing the hot water. This way, the coat stays waterproof its entire life and you don’t need to invest in extra coating or a new coat.

Plus, the jacket is extremely light-weight, breathable, with waistline and hood drawcord adjustability. As a cherry on top, you can easily fit it in in a climbing chalk bag. So, get yours today!

Bottom Line

All the latest gadgets mentioned in this list are absolutely worthwhile. However, a smart home can never be smart without a good internet connection. If you are tight on budget, don’t go for high-end internet providers. Instead, sign up for Spectrum internet and take delight in its excellent in-home connectivity experience without breaking the bank.


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