6 Best Indian restaurants to try in the UK

Indian food is more than curries and spicy gravies. If you love Indian food and want to try some around restaurants in the UK, you won’t be disappointed at all. The country has a plethora of Indian food joints, some offering the fine dining experience, and some offering you the quick street food ecstasy.

Whatever your needs are, we have listed out some of the popular Indian restaurants in the UK that you would want to try out when there.

  • Benaras

Just like the name suggests, this Indian restaurant in Mayfair has gained a lot of popularity for its unique dishes and delectable taste. The restaurant is owned by popular Indian chef AtulKochhar. Some of the popular dishes in the place include the Tandoori Ratan and the Darjeeling Smoked Trout.

  • Tamarind

Another popular restaurant in Mayfair is Tamarind. This is one of the few Indian restaurants that have achieved a Michelin Star. If you look up restaurants near me when in Mayfair, don’t be surprised if this comes up as the first suggestion. The place has even featured in Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares when Ramsay took help from the restaurant’s head chef to restore the integrity of another Indian restaurant.

  • The Ambrette

For those who are in Kent, this Indian restaurant is known for its affordable yet delicious meals. The main highlight of the dish is bringing the simplicity of the Indian dishes and putting a twist to them with some modern touches. If there is one dish that you need to try, it is the mutton gravy.

  • Dishoom

As funny as the name of the restaurant is, Dishoom is one of the best upscale restaurants located in Soho, London. The place is known for serving some of the most famous Indian dishes including MatarPaneer and popular main course dishes. Some of the drinks are also served with an Indian twist, enabling you to experience a whole Indian affair in a single spot.

  • Lasan

Translating to Garlic, Lasan is a popular Indian restaurant in Birmingham. If you watched The F Word by Gordon Ramsay, you’d know that the Michelin Star chef awarded this as the best Indian restaurant. This provides a fine-dining experience with inspiration from the Himalayan ranges. The authentic spice mixes and the robust flavors are what make this restaurant a must-visit.

  • The Cinnamon Club

Located in Westminster, The Cinnamon Club serves its patrons the famous Indian dishes with a twist. The meals include everything that encompasses a delectable Indian cuisine, including fish, meat, and some amazing vegetarian options too. Their desserts are worth dying for.

If you are in the mood for some Indian dishes for lunch or dinner the next day, here is a list of some of the most popular Indian restaurants available in the UK. From the affordable ones to some of the high-dining experiences, the lists are quite extensive. Make sure that you book a table in prior if you don’t want to wait outside.



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