5 Top Dresses To Try During Your Holidays

Investing in party dresses separately is considered as a waste of money by some and a necessity for many. I fall into the latter category. I am not asking you to spend thousands of dollars on party wear. But you cannot just consider your casual wear a perfect fit to wear at parties as well. While looking for a party dress the other day, I came across Pakistani clothes USA. To my surprise, there was a hint of western attire in them too.

That was off the topic but yes if you are willing to invest in party dresses, you should consider the following:

Sparkly Chino Pants

If you opt for buying a sparkly lower, your job’s almost done. You do not need to worry about any other thing regarding your attire then. Because your sparkly chinos will give you a rather fancy look. In fact, I would advise you to keep it simple when wearing sparkly lowers. A plain T-shirt in a contrasting color to the pants or chinos will look great.

As far as the jewelry and bag are concerned, try to keep that simple as well. Do not opt for glittery or shimmery bags or jewelry. The same goes for the shoes that you decide to wear as well.

Off the Shoulder Top

There are an immense amount of options available when it comes to off the shoulder tops. You get them in every style, material, and color. From peplum tops to plain ones, you can decide what best suits your style. Options for the lowers that you can pair with these tops are also many. From skirts to skinnies to bootleg pants, you are a better judge of what you like the most. And above all, what goes best with the top that you selected.

The jewelry and shoes will also depend on your overall attire. For example, many girls these days ditch the heels for more comfortable sneakers even under a skirt. Eventually, it will be you who will decide what your style is. Happy styling.

Statement Sleeves

Statement sleeves are all the rage these days. Whether it is a top or a dress, you can get any of these with statement sleeves attached. Although they look dramatic, they give you a rather chic look. Needless to say, they leave less room for any other addition to your party look. As the sleeves are the highlight of these dresses.

These sleeves do not necessarily come in the same color as the dress. Many times, the designers attach sleeves dyed in contrasting colors as well. Hence, giving the dress/top a rather interesting look. Make sure that you keep the rest of your outfit simple. Like a plain stocking or skinnies would do the job. However, opting for fancy jewelry and bag is acceptable.

Coat Dress

Who says that a coat cannot make for a good party outfit? Well everyone who holds this belief surely hasn’t seen Kate Middleton rock the coat dress look at major events. You should also consider investing in 1-2 coat dresses. The best part about them is that no one knows what you are wearing under the coat. So, you do not have to worry much about the attire under the coat!

Pair your coat dress with stockings for a chic look. Adding a pair of stilettos would look… oh so hot. Keep the jewelry to a minimum as well. Let your coat be in the limelight. As far as the bag is concerned, try carrying a mini clutch bag. A shoulder bag won’t look that good with this attire.

A Tweedy Affair

You can even consider dressing up your tweed. Tweed is always a good option when planning to dress up for an event. However, you can add a little bling to the whole look by wearing some blingy jewelry, holding a sparkly bag or wearing a pair of fancy shoes. Do not go for shimmery everything all at once. Remember, the simpler, the better. If you do otherwise, you will be overpowering the tweed and no one will notice it much.

In case, you have any more suggestions, feel free to share them in the comment box below. Let’s see what other party wear ideas can we all gather. It will be great help to everyone here. And once you are done gathering the ideas, you can hunt for women dresses near me and have a look at what suits you the best.

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