5 Tips for Staying on Top of Food Trends

Not all food trends are great. But there are trends that come along and change the world. Capitalizing on these food trends will help your business achieve success. That doesn’t mean, though, that you can start putting up milk teas in your restaurant. Here are five tips to help you stay on top of trends in the industry.

Know What’s Trending

These days, Twitter has become such an integral part of our existence that you only need to check out the trending topics for the day or monitor it for a few days to determine which food items are trending.

Hit that Subscription Button

Another excellent way to stay on top of trends—or even to see them coming—is to subscribe to industry newsletters. Those newsletters will help you learn more about the food industry. Some will help you keep a pulse on what food items are popular at the moment. Some will share recipes and equipment information that could be indicators themselves of upcoming trends in the industry.

Stay Active

If you want to stay relevant, then stay active on social. Figure out where your customers are and choose those platforms. Regular interactions with your audience will keep your restaurant front and center in their minds, which helps you stay on top of the trend. Also, don’t forget to use the hash tag properly. Clever hashtag use can help you trend more.

Use the Past

Not all food trends will resonate with you, impact your like, or make a difference in the grand scheme of things—or, in this case, make a difference in your menu. But it pays to take note of the trends, no matter if they didn’t work out. They’ll be sure to make a comeback. And when they do, you’ll be there.

Start a Trend

Tired of following what other people say or worrying about how you’ll stay relevant and keep up with the latest food trends? Don’t let all that get in the way. Instead, start your own trend. Come up with daring but delicious pairings of ingredients on your menu. If you’re wondering how you can pull that off, read the following:

  • Do any of the new offerings come with any large-scale implications? Trends that affect human behavior take time to fade out. Don’t make the mistake of alienating existing customers because you ignored the trend.
  • Does the food item make sense? Is there an easy connection between the trend and your restaurant? Think about your restaurant’s brand. What new offerings are ideal?
  • Are there affordable options? You don’t have to bust the bank just to ensure that stay on top of a food trend. Finding and using cost-effective alternatives to some ingredients might also work. Keep experimenting until you find options that you can sink your teeth into.

Did you remember to network? If you want to start a trend, you’ll need a solid base of customers. If you’re already active on social, check how they react to a post of your new offerings and use that to make your next move.


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