5 Mesmeric Spots of Hyderabad That Attract Tourists

5 Mesmeric Spots of Hyderabad That Attract Tourists

If you have an itchy foot then you may have explored different destinations of the country. Of course, everyone plans to go to hill stations and beaches. But have you ever thought about visiting a city that is hustling and bustling? Of course, one such city is of Hyderabad. It is not just a growing city but it houses many tourist spots for you.

In case you love to travel places then this city is going to get you a great time. You can book your rooms in Hyatt place Hyderabad banjara hills and ensure that you stay in the city with ease and comfort. You can be sure that you get to explore manifold spots in this amazing city. If you have no idea about the spots that you can visit in this city then keep on reading.

The Mesmeric Charminar

The foremost tourist spot that comes to mind when you think of Hyderabad is Charminar. It is situated in the heart of the city. Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah built this monument in the year 1591. The architecture of Charminar echoes Cazia style. The thought behind constructing the monument was to defend against deadly epidemic that claimed many lives during that period.

The four huge minarets are 48.7 meter tall. There is a beautiful mosque and 45 prayer corners inside Charminar. You must not get disheartened by the crowd there in case you want to have a mood of the old city and its rich culture. The shopping area around this stunning monument offers products for cheap rates.So, you can easily explore this historic spot and can also do some quick random shopping. Do not miss out this destination because this is Hyderabad’s most iconic landmark and it is a distinguished memorial and mosque that reminds everyone of Indo-Islamic construction of its ages.

  1. Hussain Sagar Lake

A beauty and treat in the heart of Hyderabad, this Hussain Sagar Lake is entitled name after Hussain Shah Wali. The prime Captivation at this manmade lake is an eighteen meter high, four hundred fifty -tonne statue of Buddha in the centre. It is carved out of white granite that took much long years to get completed. It virtually shines mainly on a full moon night. This Hussain Sagar Lake is even well-known for boating and along its margin are other famous cities fascinations like Lumbini Park and Birla Mandir add to the appeal.

Moreover, do not forget that this lake links up Hyderabad and Secunderabad, known as the twin cities. It was mined during the period of Ibrahim Quli Qutub Shah in the year 1562 AD. And if you love to take part in adventure or water sports then you have more reasons to visit here. You can easily take part in water sports namely skiing, boating, cruising, and para sailing. Apart from Hussain Sagar Lake, even the environs of this mesmeric lake offer entertainment as you can spot splendid NTR Gardens, gorgeous Sanjeevaiah Park, so on.

  1. Ramoji Film City

Now Ramoji Film Cityis something that should be on everybody’s go to list. Movie enthusiasts will surely enjoy a day spent at this huge sized Ramoji Film City. It was set up by Ramoji Group in the year 1996. You know it is the world’s most massive film studio complex. It is dispersed across an astounding 2000 acres. Moreover, Ramoji Film City is the spot wherein manifold popular regional language, Hindi and even the international movies have been shot. Within the bulky premises, there are alternatives for the shopping, dining, and most importantly entertainment in the shape of movie studio tours, various live shows, and an adventure park. You will get to do much in this spot. However, remember that you reserve an entire day for your visit to this film city. After all, exploring it will take up your entire day.

  1. The Golconda Fort

The Golconda Fortis one of India’s most striking forts and it encompasses four district forts surrounded by a ten -kilometre stretched wall. With four drawbridges, over eighty strongholds, plentiful temples, mosques, halls, royal residences, it is nothing short of royal. Though utmost of it stands in the ruins, you can witness the signs of its past grandiose within its enclosures boasting of Mughal style architecture.

Moreover, here in case you clap your hands at Fateh Darwaza, the sound can get clearly heard at Bala Hissar, which is really heart winning. Also, if you like to buy something or the other from any or every place you go to then you must check out the handicrafts at this place.They are n abundance and in great designs and varieties.

  1. Solarium Museum

This massive Solarium Museum was constructed in the year 1951. The museum has beautiful collections and most of them were from Mir Yousuf Ali Khan, popularly called as Salar Jung III. The collections are thorough and could be classified as Indian Art, Art of the Middle East, European Art, Far Eastern Art, and a section for children. The collections encompass antiques from diverse parts of the world. Indian sculptures, Persian carpets, bronze statues, Chinese porcelain, jade carvings, woodcarvings and many more. This museum has the difference of having the hugest personal collection in the world.

  1. Birla Mandir

The stunning looking Birla Mandir is spotted at the southern end of Hussain Sagar at the top of the hill. This gorgeous looking temple built using white marble offers you a stunning view of the lake and the entire city. The construction matches the architectures of South Indian along with Oriya temples. The amazing construction makes you wish to revisit this place. Your tour to Hyderabad will be incomplete if you do not visit this stunningly elegant and divinely heavenly spot. You can easily attend the morning and evening arti here.


To sum up, you can look for your stayover in spots like Hyatt place Hyderabad banjara hills and ensure that throughout your Hyderabad trip, you have a spot to relax at After all, the city is massive and you may take a few days to fully explore the beguiling charm of this Nawabi place.

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