5 DIY phone cover ideas to give an old phone a new look!

Are you eager to buy a new phone but cannot afford one right now? Worry not! You can get all the feels that one gets while buying a brand new phone by spending less than a few dollars. You can even reuse old stuff to make phone covers for your smartphone. The idea is to try a new DIY phone cover at home that and you will be amazed at the newness that it will bring to the user experience.

Moreover, adding an extra layer to your phone will also make it well protected and long-lasting. So, go through the best cellphone DIY covers and pick the one that you find the most interesting.

5 DIY Phone Case Ideas that will Change the Look of your Phone

A couple of quick tips before we move forward to the actual ideas and procedures to make DIY homemade phone covers are here. The first thing that you all should do is to get your phone thoroughly checked and repaired from a reputable cell phone repair in Etobicoke before you start working on the new cover. That is because if there are issues on your phone, a new cover will do no good to make it have better protection or a new outlook. You will have to get the issues fixed professionally to have a comprehensive improvement in your experience.

Another tip is to ensure that the size of your cover is accurate and fits your phone well. That is because even if your phone cover will be slightly loose, the final look will not be as attractive as would be with an apt pattern.

Beautify a clear cover

We are starting with the easiest method of making a new cover. You can simply buy a clear phone cover that fits your phone the best and beautify it as you please. You can use fabric paints to add colors or you can mix transparent glue with different glitter colors to have a shimmery outlook. To make sure that it does not look messy, first select a pattern and cut it out on paper and then set the paper on the inner side of the cover while you paint the outer side. Moreover, you can also choose to stick lace on the cover to give it a stylish look.

Hot glue gun phone cover

Many people use the hot glue gun method to create an artistic phone cover. It is a simple method where you wrap your phone up with a paper and outline the sockets with a marker. Now, start putting up the hot glue on the paper wrapped on the phone. You can choose to make a pattern out of the glue and you can use colored glue sticks in your hot gun. Once done with covering all the sides, leave it to dry off and harden.

Denim phone cover

Denim phone covers are one of the most popular DIY cellphone covers. They are not only pretty and durable, but they also need minimal investment. Most of us have old denim clothes that we no longer use. Those interested in making a new phone cover can cut out a piece from their used jeans and create a pretty DIY cellphone cover.

Spread out your denim on a smooth surface and place your cellphone on it. Now mark the edges to get an accurate size of the cover. After that, measure the height of the sides of your phone and cut out a stripe of denim a bit more than the measured size. Stitch the strip on the sides of the first piece of denim. Here, the cover should be tight enough to hold the phone properly. If you do not know how to stitch the denim to make it perfectly fitting, stitch an elastic on the edges to ensure tightness.

Use Resin art to make a cover for your phone

Take a plain plastic phone cover to transform it into a beautiful resin art phone cover. Be careful while working on this as it needs you to be detail-oriented and focused to carry out the process of making resin cover for your phone. The procedure is quite simple though. You have to evenly spread resin on the plain phone cover and add ornaments that you want to have in it. You can use handicraft supplies including little beads, tiny stars, dried out flower petals, your collections from a visit to the seaside, and so on.

Pouch style cover

If you do not want a permanent cover for your phone, you can choose to make a pouch style cover with any of your favorite fabric or leather. You can go for a cute and fluffy fabric or you can pick a waterproof layering for your phone. All you need to do is to cut two pieces of clothing where one has to be a little smaller than the size of your phone and the other has to be a little longer than the phone. Now join the bottom side of the following two pieces and stitch the visible edges of the fabric. Lastly, add a button on the upper side of the fabric so that the covering can be enclosed.

That’s all we have on this topic. Try out any of these and let us know in the comment section how it all turned out. If you know any other practical way to create a DIY phone cover, share it with us and help out our readers finding the best DIY phone cover ideas.


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